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Frequently Asked Questions:

About us:

- How long have you been in business?

We have been serving the Southern California area for 19 years.
Triton Air, Inc. was incorporated in 2003.

- Do you give free estimates?

Absolutely. We offer free estimates on new equipment and unit replacements. Frequently we can give you approximate costs on required repairs or replacements over the phone, however we always put it in writing if the job exceeds $500.00.  At our discretion, we will provide a free second opinion.

- What products do you offer?

We can offer you any brand available. With 20+ years of experience in the Service & Repair side of the business, we have learned what brands are well designed with reliable, quality components and innovative features. Here is a short list of brands we recommend, use & install in our own homes & place of business.

American Standard/Trane heating, air conditioning and air purification
Lennox heating, air conditioning, humidification, air purification, ductless heat pumps
Noritz tankless water heaters
Carrier/Bryant/York slim line condensers
Honeywell comfort zone systems and wireless controls
Aprilaire powered zone dampers
Totaline/Venstar commercial thermostats
White Rodgers residential thermostats
Heatcraft/Bohn refrigeration equipment

Environmental concerns:

- R-22 or R-410A refrigerant?

R-22 is a product that will be phased out soon.  The federal   
law schedule has R-22 to be phased out as follows:

       Year 2010 - No longer used in new equipment
       Year 2020 - No longer produced

R-22 already has "drop in" replacement refrigerants that are EPA approved.  These refrigerants will become increasingly more popular and common.  One disadvantage to the newer "drop in" refrigerants is that the proper amount of refrigerant to put into the unit may be subject to interpretation of the technician which might cause a loss of capacity, reliability and efficiency.
R-410a, however, is a long term replacement refrigerant.   The equipment that uses it is engineered for it.  As long as correct installation and service techniques are followed , R- 410a will work reliably and the end user will not be able to tell the difference.

- Is it normal to have to add refrigerant to a system?

No, refrigerant is not consumed like gas in a car. It also does not lose its ability to be effective. As long as the system does not have a leak, you should not have to add any refrigerant.  If a refrigerant leak does exist, we can usually electronically locate it with special sensing equipment. The EPA requires systems that have refrigerant leaks to be repaired or replaced due to the negative effects the refrigerant has on the Earths atmosphere.

Air Quality:

- Do we need to clean out our air ducts?

In most cases, in our opinion (and the EPA's), ductwork does not typically require cleaning.  Even if you have allergies.  In fact it is found that many times duct cleaning can actually worsen symptoms for a period of time due to stirring up the dust in your ducts.  Another concern is damage that can occur, causing air leakage & lack of efficiency.   In some limited instances, dirty ductwork can cause air quality concerns.  Duct cleaning is available upon request and when required.  EPA's opinion on duct cleaning (pay close attention to the second paragraph in the summary)

- But my ducts have never been cleaned, they have got to be dirty!

There is a chance that duct cleaning will be required. Our recommendation is to contact us to perform a detailed cleaning and maintenance on your system. At that time we can check your ducts to determine if cleaning is possible or recommended.

- How can we increase the air quality in our home?

Usually the best way to combat allergy and indoor air quality problems is with a quality electronic air cleaner installed in series with the air duct system. A secondary protection method can be a purifying ultraviolet light installed in the air stream. These methods have been tested and proven to improve your indoor air quality.

Energy efficiency and comfort:

- What is SEER?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a rating that measures the cooling efficiency of a heat pump or air conditioner. The higher the number, the more energy efficient the unit. Units older than 2005 are likely operating with a lower SEER number (10 seer or less). As of January 2006, The Department of Energy mandated that all new residential air conditioning equipment have a seer rating of 13 or higher. The cost of investing in a new air conditioning system with a high SEER rating may be offset with significant operating cost savings as well as rebates or tax credits.

In most cases where there is an outdoor unit (aka condenser) connected to an indoor coil (aka evaporator coil), equipment manufactures require a new indoor cooling coil and outdoor unit to be replaced at the same time. This insures the new system will meet the mandated 13 seer efficiency standard and operate as engineered.  If this is not done, the equipment manufacturer has an excuse to not cover components or labor under warranty.

Multiple tests have been performed to see what happens to an air conditioning system operating costs, capacity and reliability when this requirement above is not done. The findings were surprising. When the 13 seer outdoor unit was installed with a 10 seer or pre-existing indoor coil, the system actually cost more to operate than the existing system that was being replaced. The mismatched system also was plagued with repairs and comfort complaints from the end user.
What does this all boil down to?

Existing 10 seer indoor coil + New 13 seer outdoor unit = 8 seer (less energy efficient  than original equipment with possibly no warranty)
New 13 seer indoor coil + New 13 seer outdoor unit = 13 seer efficient system that is warranted by the manufacturer, will be reliable and create a comfortable environment.

- How can I even out the temperature in my home or business?

One of the neatest products that we offer is a temperature controlled comfort zone system.  As long as the layout of the ductwork allows, a comfort zone system can be the most energy saving, gratifying choice you make. Once the system is installed, you will only be cooling/heating the areas where desired instead of your whole home/business.  The zone system will eliminate the common complaint that it is too cold downstairs and too hot upstairs or too hot in one office and too cold in the other.