Easy to use - Easy to read comfort controls.Energy saving custom econimizer systems help keep your home cool by using natural cooler outdoor air.Variable speed, two stage furnace coupled with the most efficiecnt air cleaner avaliable on the market. This combination will suprise you in its ability to clean the air, help eliminate hot & cold spots and create a warm comfortable environment...and it does it all exceptionally quietly!Our 95% efficient heaters are eligible for a rebate up to $1500.00! Plus it will reduce your heating costs by as much as 45%!The customer wanted to gain useable space in the garge so we relocated the heating system up and out of the way.Another view of the heating system relocated up and out of the way, allowing an increase in useable space in the garage.Heating system installed with built in dehumidification system. Home had excessive moisture levels due to its location near the coast. Dehumidification system runs year round eliminating mold in closets & that sticky feeling from high humidity levels. A remote monitor maintains the proper humidity and environment for this closet, eliminating the common mold issues found by the coast.Our condensate and moisture removal system includes diagnostic LED's and overflow safetys that help protect your property.This dehumidifier was installed up and out of the way in the attic. Unit is supported off the rafters virtually eliminating operating noise levels. Safety drain pan and additional safety overflow float switch ensures that no water damage will occour to the property.Ductwork is strapped and secured every six feet with metal. All turns are made  gradual for maximum air flow and efficiency. All ductwork installed by Triton Air exceeds local code efficiency and installation standards.Underground ductwork installed during a remodel.All duct connections are sealed with mastic which forms an air tight cast at each joint (shown as grey/tan ring in picture). This helps insure you are not heating or cooling your attic.High efficiency heating and cooling package unit.New high efficiency outdoor unit was installed using our stair climber. This insures no property damage or injuries that typically occour from moving dollies or other methods.Slim line units are also avaliable. The benifits from these outdoor units are the increase in access on the side of the property. This is a ductless heating and air conditioning system. Very quiet & very efficienct. Often installed in areas typically not practical for forced air heating and cooling. It is controlled by a wireless remote control.The outdoor unit of the ductless system. Once again, very quiet!When installations are near the coast or in an area where asthetics is a concern, we typically install these rust proof composite covers that conceal the refrigerant lines, drain lines and electrical. They can be painted or left their original color.Many older designs do not have the correct size ductwork and vents needed to add air conditioning. The ducts were designed for heating only. We must then calculate the needed equipment and ductwork which often requires adding vents or increasing the size of vents. We can typically accomplish adding or increasing the size of your vents without major diruption, mess or repainting as shown in the previous and current picture.Another example of a cut in vent.This 90+ efficienct heater was originally located on the other side of the wall to the right. The customer wanted to increase the size and remodel their laundry room.The finished laundry room. The orginal heater was located  on a platform connected to the left wall. Note the transition of the ductwork (now covered in drywall)  at the upper left corner of the picture.Refrigrant filter dryers and safety overflow float switches are allways installed. These items protect your system and property from damage. Our vision is your long term satisfaction.Clean!Imagine having only one switch turning on all of the lights in your home or business. That would be wasting electricity. So why do our heating and cooling systems work that way? We can change that. We make it easy. Our comfort zone systems can be installed where others can't. Call for details.
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